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The credit card that rewards you for reducing your balance.

With ANZ Balance Visa, you earn Reward Points for repayments you make, whether you're paying your account in full, or only making a part repayment. You'll earn 0.5 Reward Point for every $1 you repay to your balance including your balance transfers, fees, interest, cash advances and even your monthly minimum repayments1.

With ANZ Balance Visa, you'll find that redeeming your Reward Points is just as easy as earning them. You can choose an easy Auto-Redemption option where you can pre-select your reward and it will be automatically delivered once you have earned sufficient Reward Points, or choose to save up your Reward Points and redeem them anytime you like.

Redeeming and managing your Reward Points is easy.

To redeem your Reward Points, check your Reward Points balance or review your Rewards Statement online, simply register above or log on if you've already registered. It's the fastest, easiest way to manage your ANZ Balance Visa Reward Points.

You'll find there's a great range of Shopping Vouchers and Gift Cards from some of Australia's leading retailers. You can also choose to redeem your Reward Points for Cashback on your ANZ Balance Visa.

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1. Reward Points are not earned on
Cashbacktransactions to your account.

Important note: To opt out of receiving Auto-Redemption notifications via SMS or email please go to Manage Auto-Redemptions and cancel your Auto-Redemption.
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